My series Stacking & Piling researches the traces and concerns which emanate from political turmoil, social injustice and natural catastrophies. These sculptures are built like spontaneous memorials, amalgams of ordinary objects, often symbolic, which have an immediate relationship to a particular loss or trauma. I question the transmutation of these objects, the memories they leave behind and the symbolic value that we transfer onto them. I sculpt and paint while reflecting upon the concepts of empathy, commemoration and the passage of time. 


LuisaThis is your America 2020Le Banquet Galerie Collection 2020Pretty Ugly Atelier Visconti ParisThe Chandelier 2018My AmericaPrincess & the Pea #3Princess & the Pea #4Princess and the pea #1I shall be your immortalityExile #1Exile & Immigration #2Hurricaine KatrinaMusical ChairsCubaWhere have all the young girls gone?Where have all the young boys gone? #1Where have all the children gone?Tsunami Fukoshima